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BT Text Messenger

Improve Cash Flow with Timely Alerts on Space Renewals and Payment Reminders to your Vendors!

E-softsys, a total solution provider for the Flea Markets/Swap Meets, has developed yet another innovative application - BT Text Messenger, a cloud based system that sends Reservation Renewal Alerts and Past Due alerts to vendors and reduces the time that flea market & swap meet managers spend on renewing the bookings or collecting payments from vendors. BT Text Messenger fully integrated with the Booth Tracker software and Web Rental module. It improves the cash flow through higher conversion rates, compared to phone calls, email or direct mail.

  • Send Reservation Renewal text alerts to vendors with Weekly or Monthly reservations with a link to renew their spaces online
  • Send Past Due text alerts to vendors with balance due with a link to make online payent
  • Ability to send custom text messages such as Additional Market Days, Holiday greetings, Weather alerts etc.
  • Option to define number of days in advance each alert should be sent
  • Log every text message sent under the Notes section of the Vendor module in Booth Tracker
  • Ability for vendors to opt out from receiving any SMS alerts
  • Provides valuable analytics such as number of messages sent for a range of dates, online Payments received as a result of text messages sent
BT Text Messenger
  • Automates your Reservation Renewal notification process
  • Automates your Past-Due payment notification process
  • Easy to setup and implement
  • Tight integration with Booth Tracker
  • Improves vendor service by alerting vendors in a timely manner
  • Makes it easier for vendors to quickly renew their spaces by clicking on the Renewal link
  • Improves Cash Flow through higher conversion rates compared to email, direct mail or phone calls
  • Ability to generate reports on SMS sent, SMS Undelivered etc.

BT Text Messenger
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