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Mobil Rental

Wish you could carry your rental office as you walk around the market? With MobilRental you can! MobilRental is now an Android based wireless management software module available for Flea Markets, Indoor Markets and Swap meets. MobilRental provides you the freedom to rent spaces, Check-In vendors, mark absentee spaces on the spot and enter payments, while walking around your flea market or swap meet with an Android tablet and without having to physically connect to the server in the rental office. MobilRental helps your business to become more efficient, more profitable and improve the level of service provided to your vendors and customers.

  • Perform "Quick Daily Rental" of spaces to temporary or outdoor vendors
  • Perform “Daily Rental” of spaces to permanent vendors
  • Rent other items to vendors using "Quick Other Rental”
  • Ability to Check-In vendors at the gate
  • Track vendors with past due balances and collect payments on the spot
  • Accept credit card payments from vendors using a portable credit card reader
  • Look up spaces and check the rental status
  • Mark "Absentee" spaces and rent to other vendors on the spot
  • Print payment receipts with portable printer
  • Scan RFID Tags or QR Codes for vendor look up or quicker vendor Check-In
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates duplicate bookings
  • Provides up to date information on unoccupied and rented spaces
  • Speeds up the vendor Check-In process and eliminates long queues at the entrance
  • Improves collection of past due balances
  • Speeds up the space rental process and payment collections
  • Wireless connection to the Booth Tracker database eliminates the need for synchronization
Enter Payments
Payments function allows on the spot entry of payment from vendors with past due balances. Application accepts Cash, Check and Credit card payments

Vendor Check In
Check In vendors at the gate until the cut-off time, then generate a No Show Vendors report and rent absentee spaces to other vendors

Quick Booth Rental
Quick Booth Rental allows renting of available booths to temporary or outdoor vendors for the day without collecting vendor details

Quick Other Rental
Quick Other Rental allows the renting of “Other Items" such as tables, electricity etc. to vendors on the spot. The user would have the flexibility to change the unit cost of Other Items

Daily Rental
Daily Rental allows renting of available booths to existing vendors

Booth Status
The Booth Status feature allows the user to review the status of all the spaces in the market. This feature also allows marking a space as Absentee for the day and rent that space to standby vendors

Available Booths
This feature provides the list all the available spaces for selected date range and layout sections

Vendor Notes
This features allows entry of quick notes including vendor incidents and other observations

Online Management Reports
View key reports such as Transaction Journal, Management Summary etc. on the tablet

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