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Concession Tracker

Complete Inventory & POS Solution for Managing Flea Market Restaurants, Fast Food Concessions and Mobile Food Carts

Are you still using cash registers or a manual process for tracking point of sale transactions at your food concessions?
Is your current software not networked and does it require you to consolidate data from multiple sales terminals using external devices like CD’s, Tape Drives or USB drives?
Do you spend a lot of time at the end of day reconciling sales information and generating reports?
Wish you could integrate an online credit/debit card processing system with your point of sale transactions?
How about having all historical information at your fingertips?

If you find yourself saying “Yes” to any one or more of these questions, you are on the right track to find an integrated solution for your point of sale problems.

E-SoftSys, committed to understanding the needs of the flea market industry and delivering cost-effective solutions, has come up with yet another innovative solution Concession Tracker, a fully integrated point of sale software for flea market food concessions.
Concession Tracker
  • Total POS solution with Touch Screen monitors, Cash Drawer, Kitchen Display System, and Kitchen Printers etc.
  • Highly flexible and user friendly POS system with color coded item list
  • Mixed payment modes including Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card and Gift Certificates
  • Ability to set the priority for fast selling items
  • Ability to define Combo items with multiple levels of sub items
  • Flexibility to choose food modifier's on each of the Ordered Items
  • Provides Employee Discount option and also "Managers Comp" to Managers and any visitors accompanying them
  • Supports Barcode scanning of Employee ID cards
  • Day End by user for each POS terminal
  • Ability to print Receipts and Day End Summary reports to thermal printers
  • Ability to cancel order items or void the entire order
  • Tender keys in Payment screen for faster transaction processing
  • Tip processing functionality for Orders with Credit Card payment
  • Management reports such as Sales by Category, Sales by Mode of payment, Sales Register for a given period of time, Report of cancelled items, voided orders and sales tax reports
  • Ability to export Day End Sales to Microsoft Excel
  • An Optional Corporate module to consolidate total sales from multiple food concessions and restaurants in the market, with the ability to generate management reports such as total sales for individual food concessions or multiple food concessions
Concession tracker
  • Multi-user network system eliminates the need for manual consolidation of data from POS terminals
  • Built using SQL Server database, which is highly secure, scalable and supports high speed POS transactions
  • An optional interface to the Booth Tracker application, with the ability to import employee details and export Day End Sales
  • Export sales to corporate module on hourly basis using Polling feature and generate a sales sheet

Features & Benefits – Concession Tracker Corporate Module
  • Full-fledged centralized warehouse Inventory tracking
  • Track Inventory Vendors and their inventory Price list
  • Generate Purchase orders
  • Define Recipes and arrive at actual cost involved to prepare the food item
  • Push inventory to concessions from the central warehouse
  • Track Inventory item wasted at concessions and at warehouse
  • Track sales for non POS stands
  • Define month wise Reorder level for Inventory Item
  • Recipe profit analysis
  • Track Inventory across the concessions
  • Inventory Item movement tracking
  • Control Concession food menu from Corp module
  • Plenty of Inventory, Sales and Audit reports to help the Management/Managers to take the decisions
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