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Vendor Directory

Vendor Directory
  • Website visitors can look up a vendor either by Vendor name or company name or product.
  • Vendor name, Company name, Space numbers and Product info will be displayed under the Vendor Directory section of the website.
  • A digital picture of the Vendor’s space(s) will be displayed under the Vendor Directory, if the picture is provided to ESoftSys in digital format. Vendor details or Special offers of upto 50 characters will be displayed, if provided. A link to the vendor’s website will be provided, if the vendor has a website.
Vendor Directory

Vendor Homepage
  • Vendor Homepage will display the vendor’s contact info and a brief overview of the company.
  • Logo and link to the vendor’s website (if it exists). Other information such as “Credit Cards accepted” and “Special Offers” will be displayed.
  • Upto 5 products will be displayed on the Homepage along with product images, description and pricing information of each product. Products can be optionally linked to eBay.
  • Vendors can change the product description, price and other information as often as they want as part of the monthly fee and E-SoftSys will provide the necessary support to the vendors.
  • E-SoftSys will provide Vendor Homepage traffic report to the vendors on demand, which will list the number of visitors to the vendor’s homepage

Vendor Website
  • Homepage: Homepage will display a picture, company logo and brief introduction of the vendor. Special offers and Coupons will also be displayed, if provided.
  • About Us Page: This will contain detailed description of products and services offered by the vendor.
  • Contact Us Page: Vendor’s address, phone numbers, E-Mail I.D, and Space numbers of the Flea Market will be displayed.
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